se révéler, se dépasser

pour réussir dans les mondes de demain



Asian student integration at EMBA is made easier because Asian students already know their French counterparts who they met in China, Korea and Japan during their university exchanges.


The students see each other daily on the multicultural campus. they also take part in sporting and leisure activities together. The Student’s association is named “HINODE”, meaning “rising sun” in Japanese. Its role is to animate the internal life of the school by organizing cultura, sporting and social events. Every year, students organize cultural events : “Japanese Day , “Korean Day” and “Chinese New Year”. On those days the school welcomes a public keen to discover Asian cultures with ateliers animated by the students themselves : music, theatre, dance, cooking, calligraphy, history…




EMBA has a lively and attractive campus situated in the heart of a leisure area offering several sporting activities :


  • A swimming-pool with fun areas : waves, sauna, hammam, Jacuzzi
  • Tennis courts
  • Pleying fields
  • Archery
  • Kayaking on the nearby river
  • Jogging


Only 15 km away, you’ll find some fabulous sea resorts with sandy beaches, which offer multiple water and beach activities : rental of sailing boats, catamarans and pratices windsurfing, kitesurfing, horse riding …




Students have acces to low-cost lunches at the university restaurant acros the road from the EMBA campus. Its only a short walk away from a commercial center with its supermarket, boutiques, stores and restaurants which offer a wide range of food and drink and, it is only 10 to 15 minutes by bus to the heart of Quimper




Quimper is connectec to Paris by train (4h30) or by plan (1h). The city enjoys excellent bus services run by the local company QUB. Today more than half of these buses are run on natural gas. On your arrival we will brief you on how to travel soundly on the bus and will advise you on which travel card to purchase.


To go and visit the surroundings of Quimper, the coach company VIA0029 has a regular bus service leaving from the bus terminal of from downtown. They also provide “upon request services” and organize “co-voiturage” : a popular way of car sharing. Three other low-cost coach companies are also leaving Quimper bus terminal should you wish to explore further afield : Brest, Rennes and the Mount Saint-Michel, Nantes, Vannes, Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon…







Quimper used to be the ancient capital of Cornouaille, Brittany’s most traditional region. It is therefore a city of art filled with history and culture with a distinctive Breton character. The town has a rustic atmosphere with footbridges spanning the two rivers that flow through it. The name Quimper comes from the Breton kemper ” confluent ” because the city was built on the confluence of the two rivers.


It is a popular tourist destination with its gothic cathedral from the 13rd century, around which are the pedestrianized cobbled-stoned streets of Vieux Quimper with a wide array of crêperies, half-timbered houses and shops. Quimper is also the home of the Grande Maison HB-Henriot, founded in the 15th century, and now known all over the world for its tradition of producing and hand painting its own faience.