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Student support

The EMBA personnel offers a customized support to the foreign students upon their arrival in Quimper:


  • Greeting:

   As the city is connected to Paris by train (4h30) or by plane (1 hour), you’ll be met at the railway station or at the airport.

  • Accommodation:

   You will be provided with an accommodation upon your arrival

  • Administrative procedures:

 Help will be provided by the support team with the administrative procedures: resident’s permit, health insurance,

 banking facilities…






As soon as the enrolment files have been validated, the school will seek your accommodation for the length of time requested to cover your stay.


In Quimper, there are 4 student residences, one of them is on the ISUGA campus. The 3 others are within easy reach from the school by bus. Each room offers a single room with private bathroom, a kitchen area, a bedroom equipped with a table and chairs, a desk and a bed. A Wi-Fi broadband internet is also available. On-site laundry facilities are also supplied.


The residences are not run by the school but by an organization called OPAC, a public organization providing low-cost accommodations. They assigned a caretaker who spends some time on the premises to help the students with any problems. At night, security personnel comes and makes some rounds in the residence.


The rent amounts to € 300 or € 350 per month.


All students are eligible for a French housing subsidy (“APL”) paid by the “Caisse d’Allocations Familiales” (“CAF”). The school itself makes the necessary requirements on behalf of each student.




As soon as the enrolment files have been validated, the school undertakes to open a banking account in Quimper. And once a student arrives, the school deals with the administrative procedures in order to obtain the residence permit and the insurance cover, which is compulsory for all foreign students and costs € 220. This insurance allows the reimbursement of the fees paid to the doctor and the prescribed medicines.